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Qualified Prop and Costume maker


Amanda, the creative behind 'Head of Medusa' is a prop and costume maker based in Edinburgh, Scotland. 
She has qualifications in a wide variety of areas within the creative arts including: 

-BAHons Degree 'Production Arts and Design' (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) 

-HND 'Model Making for TV and Film' (City of Glasgow College) 

-NC 'Applied Arts' (City of Glasgow College) 

During her studies she gained experience creating props for use on stage and TV, her most notable project was working on the BBC show 'Burnistoun' creating the giant standing stone for their Outlander parody alongside another of her colleagues

Notable Skills : 

Sculpting, Foam Smithing, Poly-carving, Mould making, Welding, Fibreglass, Sewing, Pattern Making, Resin Pouring, Painting, Faux finishes, Drawing, Design, Upholstery, Prosthetics, Thermoplastic.



Cosplayer and Fursuiter 

Medusa has been cosplaying since 2014. She discovered her passion for prop and costume fabrication through somewhat unusual circumstances. Before pursuing a career in the arts, Amanda trained stunt horses for film and TV. It was through this that she discovered her passion for crafting with her first build being wearable horse armour. 
Since then she has went on to become quite a successful cosplayer being a regular guest at conventions across Scotland where she judges competitions and hosts panels.
although HOM doesn't enter competitions often, she has won almost all that she has. Some of which include 'MCM' and 'ECC'.


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