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Health and Safety

Oh I know! who needs this much health and safety?

Your maker is NOT responsible for you overheating or any injuries you may receive when in suit, it is 100% your responsibility to prevent that from happening. This page will discuss ways in which you can make your fursuiting experience that much safer. 

Health and Safety is such a vital part of costuming, whether it be fursuiting or cosplay. You've all seen people passing out at events and being carried out by paramedics right? 
Well, those paramedics don't care about your costume or how expensive it was. Their job is to look after you and keep you safe... they absolutely WILL cut you out of your costume if need be. 
Don't let that be you! 

Here's how. 

First off. Suits are warm. By warm, I mean, the fiery pits of Mount Doom warm
You sweat so bad you think your melting into a fur filled soup. It's gross.
But on the outside you look like an adorable, happy fluff butt! 
No one can see the red faced, sweaty numpty on the inside... which is a good thing! 

Safety tips: 

WATER. You're sweating, a lot more than the water you're taking in. You absolutely need to stay hydrated. Do NOT drink cold or ice water. This can send your body into shock. Instead, drink room temperature water. 

HANDLER. Your vision, no matter what suit type you have will be limited. I strongly recommend getting yourself a handler (multiple are better). The handler is there to be your eyes! they look out for obstacles and small children that you may not see. They are essentially, your guide-dog. They keep you safe. It is good to have signs with your handler for basic things such as:                    
'Im too warm' (my personal sign is that I fan my hands like im trying to cool down, my handler will get me out of large groups to a quiet area to either drink or take the head off) 

'I need water' (I usually pretend ive got a bottle in my hand and act like im drinking from it. this is enough for my handler to give me water by either putting the straw in the mouth or  the whole bottle!) 

-'I need to get the head off' (both hands at the side of my head motioning upwards means we need to get me out the head quite quickly, my handler will get me away from crowds asap and we take the head off at the nearest area)

Do not drink ice-cold water to cool down: Instead, use fans. Hand held or the ones in your suit (if you're lucky enough to have them). If you are overheating, find a quiet spot to take your head off until you're good to go again.
 - Its best not to de-suit completely if you're overheating as the temperature change can be too drastically and make you feel ill. De-suit gradually, allowing your body to cool more steadily. 

EAT! Fursuiting is high energy. it's a full body workout and to keep you from tiring early into performing, eat food about one hour before suiting. Snack during the day if you can. 

Tails, Wings 'n things: Your suit is larger than your own body, tails and heads especially add both width and height to the human figure so it is important that you are aware of this when you are manoeuvring around a convention hall or in crowds. Just generally be aware of what's around you and try not to hit anything or anyone! You gradually become more accustomed to your suit and gain a better awareness of where things are. Combine this with your limited vision and its easy to see how you could injure yourself doing simple things like going down stairs.
   Use common sense and be careful! 

 Shower before and after the event, you'll be a sweaty stinky pile of goop by the end of the day and NO ONE wants to smell you, especially if you let it all marinade overnight for the next day. 
TIP: Deodorant is NOT a shower. I repeat. DEODORANT IS NOT A SHOWER!
DISINFECT YOUR SUIT after every outing to kill off bacteria and prevent mould. Let it air out as soon as you're in your room/ home. Suits should be washed after every couple of wears to keep them clean and in top condition.
No one wants a smelly suit or to be hugged by one! 


Don't end up a defeated sweaty, exhausted mess.... 


Medusa Sweaty
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