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Fursuit Pricing and Commission INFO

All of my fursuits are 100% handmade and created from my OWN patterns and foam sculpts. There will never be two suits the same! I strive to create completely unique fursuits to bring your unique fursona to life. I will NEVER use existing or altered patterns for my suits, everything is made by me completely from scratch in my little workroom.

absolutely adore seeing you all out there enjoying your suits, it makes my job so very worth it! 

When you commission a HOMcreations suit you are warmly welcomed into the 'Medusa Family' and invited to our telegram chats and invited to group meet-ups for photoshoots and friendly banter! 



Digitigrade Fursuit: £4000+ 

Digitigrade suits create the illusion of having “digitigrade legs” this means that the wearer has padding on their legs that creates the illusion of walking on the toes as opposed to a plantigrade “human” leg and foot. This is achieved using padding on the thigh and calf. Achieving this look successfully takes a lot of skill from the maker and a good understanding of anatomy.
HOMcreations digitigrade suits feature padding "pouches" on the interior of the suit that are accessible via zippers. This keeps all padding securely in place during wear making suiting up quick and easy! It also allows for easy removal for cleaning. 


Includes:  Head, follow-me eyes, magnetic eyelids, magnetic tongues (one posable and one standard) bodysuit with digitigrade padding, tail, "puffy" hand-paws and outdoor feet paws. Zippers are hidden on the front of the suit (in MOST circumstances).

Example Right:









Plantigrade Fursuit: £3250+

This suit type does not create the animal type leg illusion and opts for a simple trouser leg. Thus, there is no padding or shaping needed for the suit. These are easier to wear and offer a different style to the more realistic animal legs of the digitigrade suit type. 

Includes: Head, follow-me eyes, magnetic eyelids, magnetic tongues (one posable and one standard) bodysuit, feet-paws, hand-paws, tail.





















Full Partial Fursuit: £2800+

A good option for beginner suiters as it allows you to get used to the feeling of a suit and experience the vision limitations without the addition of a large, warm bodysuit. You can wear your own clothes or even cosplay with this type of suit, it allows you to change your fursonas style as often as you'd like.

Includes: Head, follow-me-eyes, magnetic eyelids, magnetic tongues, hand-paws, feet-paws, tail and arm-sleeves.


Mini-Partial: £2600+

This option includes head, handpaws and tail. It is a fantastic option for beginners or those unsure how they would handle a fullsuit. It enables more mobility, independance and breathability compared to a fullsuit which can be physically demanding to wear. Much like the Full-Partial, this option enables you to cosplay or wear outfits to match your vibe! 
Includes: Head, follow-me eyes, tongues (one standard, one posable), handpaws, tail.



























Head ONLY: £1900+

Heads are the focal point of your fursuit, they are the first thing that people notice so they have to look good! They are the most difficult part of the suit to make and perfect as you want it to have a good expression, detail and beautiful eyes.

Includes: Unique, one of a kind head with follow-me or static eyes, magnetic eyelids, neck floof, ears, nose.
(Accents such as Horns, detailed markings, airbrushing, realistic nose, gems and feathers will cost extra depending on how complex they are)











If you are considering commissioning me for a fursuit, I require GOOD reference sheets.
This means that you must provide me with good, accurate references of your fursona from at least 3 angles. I need clear representation of markings, colours and any details your character has. ALL details must be on this or they will not be included in your suit (I can’t add something if it I can’t see it on the sheet).
so it is of the upmost importance that you make sure your references are good and show clearly EXACTLY what you want as it could very well prevent you from getting a commission from myself or result in an inaccurate suit.


Should you be commissioning a fulIsuit, I will require a DTD to begin work.
This stage is VITAL and If done wrong will result in an ill-fitting suit. A DTD or ‘Duct Tape Dummy’ is essentially an exact replica of your body for a maker to work from to create your body suit and digitigrade padding. I understand that duct tape dummies can be difficult to make but they really are vital to the creation process. A poorly made DTD is unusable and a request will be made to remake it, failure to do this will result in additional charges or even cancellation of the commission. Please take the making process seriously! 
There are many tutorials on YouTube that show you how to do this process.

When commissioning any fursuit maker, you should consider their style and compare it to your fursona. Is your character realistic but your maker only does toony suits? Be familiar with their work and make sure their style is right for you. Your suit will be in their style so please do choose carefully as both you and your maker want to be happy with the results!

Shipping is not included in the base price. 

To get a price quote, please fill out the quote form. I will not respond to direct messages asking for a quote, nor will I respond to enquiries about base prices as this is clearly discussed on my website. Various forms of 'fursuit pls?' and general comments on pricing will also be ignored. 
(This is out of necessity as this wastes my valuable time and doesn't actually warrant an answer)

More information regarding the fursuit commission process can be found on the quote form. Please do not fill out a form if you are not seriously considering commissioning me. 





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