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Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. This will secure your place in the commission queue! 
The deposit is 30%
of the commission total (i.e £1000 commission = £300 non-refundable deposit)
Payment plans are accepted but you will understand that work will not begin until you have reached the complete commission total. Payments must be made in installations of £250 or more and the total price must be paid off within 6 months. 

Small commissions are required to be paid fully in one payment.

The commission will not begin until the full quoted amount has been paid. 

Upon cancellation by the client, you will not be refunded for any of your payments and you will not have any right to any materials bought nor will you receive the product at any stage in its production. I will sell upon completion in this scenario.
Understand that this is to protect me and my business, I am a sole trader and this is my full time job. 

Do not commission me if you cannot afford to.
Costumes are a luxury, not a necessity. Your food, bills and emergency funds are all YOUR responsibility, not mine. I am not a bank, you cannot ask for money back to pay your bills: this is MY income and how I pay MY own bills.

I emphasize: Do not commission me if you cannot afford to. 


I will not take rush orders. If you want a product with a specific event in mind, commission me well in advance. Understand that I work on a queue basis and cannot accurately estimate when your commission will begin or end. Your Deposit secures your space in the queue. You can monitor the progress on commission work and your place in the queue at my public trello page: 

You will be kept updated with your space in the queue, contacted when ordering materials (for approval on fabrics) and you will be sent update photos throughout the building process when I reach certain milestones. Please do not harass me for photos or updates. I appreciate that you are excited and want to see your commission but I assure you, I will send photos when appropriate. You are commissioning me for MY STYLE and artistic ability, please trust that I know what I'm doing and will bring your design to life as best as I possibly can!


Designs submitted to me must be your own. Do not ask me to make a replica of someone else's suit and do not use an existing reference sheet from the internet. These designs belong to someone else.
If I find out that you have stolen someone else's design I will immediately cancel the commission and alert other makers.

 (or one that you have bought, commissioned or have permission to use)  
Do NOT ask me to replicate another makers style. Commission them if that's what you are looking for. 

Reference sheets must be clear and show exactly what you want. Please note that in some cases the colours you have selected may not exist in faux fur, if this is the case I will contact you to ask for approval on alternate colours. 
Other complications can include impossible markings. If I contact you asking for you to change or remove markings it is NOT out of badness. Please do not be offended, I am trying to make sure that you get a suit that you are 100% happy with. Try to keep markings relatively big and minimum detail. Avoid very narrow and small details such as runes or font, opt to make it larger if you absolutely have to have it. I will keep you right and advise you until we have a solution. 


You are commissioning a completely unique, handmade product. As such, there is a very small chance of imperfections. 
I do my absolute best to create perfection and strive for the highest quality. Rest assured that you will only receive products that I am happy with and am certain that you will love.

Be aware that Wear and Tear is a normal and inevitable part of owning a fursuit. Understand that due to the nature of suiting, seams can and will pop eventually. Fear not! This is a very simple fix that you can do yourself. I recommend learning to do basic hand-sewing stitches such as the ‘ladder stitch’ to allow you to fix such minor repairs yourself.
There are many tutorials online for this and learning how to sew will definitely save you money on repairs in the long-run. 


Remember that these costumes have limited vision and are much larger than your own body. It is incredibly easy to walk into things, trip up or even walk into other people!
They are also very warm and have no or little dexterity.
Understand that I am
NOT responsible for any trips or falls, nor am I responsible for the heat of your costume during suiting.
Staying safe in suit is entirely your responsibility.
Be sensible, be safe. 

To learn how to stay safe and make your suiting experience as easy and fun as possible, check out my fursuit and costuming safety pages:


By paying the deposit you are confirming that you have read and agreed to my Terms of Service. You agree that you will receive no refund should you cancel the commission and that the product will be sold onto someone else in this situation. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you are financially capable to pay for your commission, your personal situations are none of my business. As an adult you should have emergency money put away in case of accidents or difficulties, if you cannot afford to commission: DONT. Remember that costumes are a LUXURY not a necessity. 


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