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Head of Medusa Creations 

. Fursuits . Props . Costumes . 

Professional Creature Crafter 

Fursuit Maker

Unique. Professional. Beautiful.

I am a professional creature crafter with experience in a wide range of artistic areas. My specialisms are in fursuit making, prop making and sculpting. I adore working on quirky projects and am incredibly passionate about bringing your characters to life! 
I like to create a good relationship with my clients and aim to keep our conversations friendly and informal. I want my clients to feel comfortable throughout the entire commission process. 
I DO offer payment plans for large commissions, usually keeping it to a maximum of six payment instalments. This is discussed with the client after the initial deposit is placed. 
Commissions CLOSED!  
(The quote link will only work when open)
Successful applicants are selected based on how well i believe the designs will work in my style and are not done on a first come first served basis.


If you are interested in receiving a unique quote please fill out a form here:

You can view my gallery and find all the information you need to know about commissioning and staying safe in suit by clicking on the links below: 

To view examples of previous work please do check out my gallery. For current work in progress and ongoing commission photos find me on social media! I am most active on Instagram and Twitter.

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